Unleashing the best of Google Technology on your business problems.

Founded by the ex-Googlers, we have years of experience solving business problems with Google Cloud technologies.

Why Aviato?

Cost Optimization

Experienced Google Cloud Consultants know how to architect solutions for cost-efficiency, avoiding overspending

Expert Knowledge

Founded by Ex-Googlers we know the technology, and how to use it to maximise the value to your business

Security First

Nobody wants to be the next Optus or Medibank. We prioritize security and always follow Google Cloud best practices

Deep Expertise & Experience

We have solved problems for some of Australias biggest companies using Google Cloud

Not just a supplier

A partner to build, run and scale your Google Cloud implementation to transform your business

Strategic Vision

Top Cloud Consultants understand your business and align solutions to deliver long-term value.

Services We Offer

Cloud Foundations

A secure, scalable and resilient foundation is the core to ensuring success of your cloud project

Google Cloud Security

Cloud Security Reviews

Periodic reviews of your cloud infrastructure compared to Google Cloud best practices, ensure cybersecurity doesn’t keep you up at night

Data & Analytics

Storing data is easy, joining data and gaining insights that are useful is where we excel

AI & Machine Learning

Want to harness the power of Google's AI tech to improve your business

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Other Services

Data and Analytics

Other Services

Dev Ops

Cloud Migrations

Managed Services


What Our Clients Have To Say?​

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How engaging

with Aviato works

#1 Identify Business Problem

We work with you to identify the business problem that you want to solve with Google technology

#2 Sprint planning

We break the problem down into 2 week chunks of work "Sprints"

#3 Tech architecture

Using Google Cloud best practices we design an architecture that is secure, stable, and resilient, to ensure any solution we deliver will perfor as expected.

#4 Sprint demos

Every 2 weeks we present back the work completed in the previous sprint, take any feedback and commence the subsequent sprint.

#5 Code reviews

Code reviews before release help detect issues and ensure that any code we delviery meets our high standards.

#6 Iterative delivery

We divide the implementation process into several checkpoints rather than a single deadline.


Ready to invest in your company?

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Aviato Consulting unlease the best of Google technology on your business problems.

Founded by ex-Google Cloud Consultant, and leaders to help you revolutionise your industry.

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