Bulletproof Your Cloud: Google Cloud Security Assessment (GCSA)

Nobody wants to be the victim of the next cyber attack. Medibank and Optus were warnings to all business to take cyber security seriously.

Aviato’s Google Cloud Security Assessment (GCSA) is your proactive defense plan.

Why It Matters

Protect What You've Built

Your cloud holds the keys to your business – data, apps, critical operations. Don’t let a weak link be your downfall.

Protect What You've Built

Stop Breaches Before They Happen

 Proactive security isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Our assessment helps you lock those doors before attackers find them.

Stop Breaches Before They Happen

Peace of Mind

Sleep better knowing your cloud isn’t some ticking timebomb. Gain data-backed confidence in your defenses.

Peace of Mind

What We Do

Ready to make your data work for you? Contact Aviato for a strategic data consultation.

You get more than just a list of problems – you get a crystal-clear remediation plan ranked by priority to neutralize those risks ASAP.

No scare tactics, just actionable steps to harden your cloud.

Our seasoned cloud experts conduct a surgical examination of your Google Cloud infrastructure. We expose misconfigurations, and deviations from Google Cloud best practices.

Aviato Consulting unlease the best of Google technology on your business problems.

Founded by ex-Google Cloud Consultant, and leaders to help you revolutionise your industry.

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