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Hit the Cloud Ground Running: Secure Landing Zone in a Week

Getting started on Google Cloud (GCP) can be daunting, to start:

  1. Google Cloud has a vast array of services covering computing, storage, databases, machine learning, and more. This sheer volume can make it difficult to know where to start and how to best combine services for your needs, and build the appropriate gaurdrails around them.
  2. Then GCP uses a hierarchy of Organizations, Folders, Projects, and Resources. Understanding the purpose of each and how they relate is critical to proper structuring.
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides granular control over permissions but has a learning curve. Balancing security with ease of use requires careful planning.
  4. Organizational Policy constraints enforce rules across your GCP environment. Choosing the right policies is crucial for compliance and governance.

We get it, you want to use GCP, and you want to use it fast, and Aviato are here to help. We can have a secure, scalable, and resiliant cloud foundations set up in a week. We leverage our insider Google Cloud Consulting expertise to get you operational fast with a rock-solid, secure foundation you can scale on demand.

What You Get:

  • Secure Landing Zone: Best-practice security baked in, so your engineers can itterate fast, knowing they have gaurdrails to prevent misconfigurations
  • GitOps for Control: Your infrastructure as clean, auditable code – manage it like you manage your software
  • CI/CD: Speed + Reliability: Deploy new services and update configuration with a streamlined pipeline
  • Desired State Management: Automation keeps your setup in line with your plans, reducing drift and headaches.

The Aviato Advantage:

  • Ex-Google Cloud: We don’t just follow best practices, we helped write them
  • Focus on YOUR Business: Tap into our experience so you avoid rookie mistakes and costly detours
  • Built to Last: Our solutions aren’t a band-aid; they’re designed to support your growth, not hold you back

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