App based effective risk management

Aviato Consulting built the UI, data architecture and cloud architecture
for the Confirm Control application then proceeded to develop a
stunning app in Flutter hosted on Google Cloud

The challenge

Escelate Consulting, known for collaborating with leading Australian brands, recognized a critical gap in risk management. While they expertly delivered comprehensive risk analysis reports, turning those insights into actionable mitigation plans often faltered. This disconnect left businesses vulnerable and hindered their ability to proactively manage potential threats

The solution

Escelate Consulting partnered with Aviato Consulting to develop Confirm Control, a powerful application designed to bridge the gap between risk identification and mitigation. Aviato Consulting leveraged the robust capabilities of Google Cloud Platform to build a secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution

The result

Confirm Control empowers proactive vulnerability management with actionable insights & mitigation plan tracking. It streamlines collaboration, keeping stakeholders informed. Aviato & Google Cloud’s expertise enabled rapid development, delivering the solution quickly and ensuring all customer data was stored securely
“Confirm Control has transformed how our clients approach risk management. It's no longer a static report but an ongoing process of identification, mitigation, and continuous improvement," says Simon Petie, Director at Escelate Consulting. "Google Cloud Platform provided the secure and scalable foundation we needed to deliver a truly impactful solution."
Simon Petie,
Director, Escelate Consulting

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