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Ah, the age-old question: how much does an app cost?

This is a “how long is a string” kind of question however, this blog is desigend to help you navigatie potential cost factors and maximizing your budget.

Flutter: Your Cost-Conscious Champion

Let’s be honest, traditional app development (building separate apps for iOS and Android) can be a financial disaster the cost is almost twice as high. Enter, the knight in shining armor! By using a single codebase, Flutter streamlines development, saving you precious time and, yes, money. We estimate savings of 50-90% compared to native development, potentially translating to thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

But Remember, Extras Add Up:

While Flutter is fantastic, its magic doesn’t eliminate all cost factors. Here are some potential curveballs that might affect your app’s price tag:

    • Complexity Reigns Supreme: Feature-rich apps with intricate functionalities like complex animations, real-time data connections, complex data structures, or offline capabilities naturally require more development effort, impacting cost.
    • Social Login Integration: Adding logins via Facebook, Google, etc., is convenient for users, but can involve marginal additional development and API fees.
    • Advanced Payment Gateways: Integrating advanced payment options like Apple Pay or custom in-app purchases takes extra time and expertise, affecting the cost.
    • Number of Screens: each screen ads an incremental cost to your app.

Transparency is Our Mantra:

At Aviato Consulting, we believe in open communication. During the initial consultation, we’ll carefully analyze your app concept and provide a transparent cost estimate, we also don’t issue an invoice till day 14 and only then if you are happy with what we have built to date.

We also bill monthly, which means if you are not happy at any time you can take your code to another developer to finish.

Remember, Value Goes Beyond Price:

While cost is important, don’t underestimate the value of a reliable development partner. We learnt the best ways to develop apps while working at Google, we bring this experience, strategic thinking, and a commitment to user-centric design to Aviato.

As such we’ll ensure your app not only fits your budget but also delivers a stellar user experience, driving engagement and achieving your unique goals.

Ready to Craft Your Dream App?

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