Case Studies

At Aviato Consulting, we believe that technology has the power to transform not just businesses but entire industries.

We approach this by solving problems using the latest technology by Google.

Below we will post our case studies showcasing how we helped businesses transform.



Mobile Apps

Mobile apps help transform the customer experience, with the latest tools from Google (Flutter and Firebase) we can build stunning mobile apps that work across Android, iOS, and Web from a single code base.


Benyfit created the AirBnb of large format sports equipment (think kayaks, bicycles, golf clubs), making it easy to try new equipment, or to travel light and enjoy premium sports equipment at your destination.

A kayak Rental app

RDC is a rugby coaching app, specialising in getting rugby players to improve the strength and conditioning training aspects tailored to each player, and each position they play.

Data Insights

Most organisations capture as much data as they can, but struggle with finding useful insights from that data.

Aviato have years of experience working to unlock that value from your data warehouse.

SaaS Finance Company 

Had been capturing data from their website users and customers, and knew that patterns existed between what customers did on their website, and whether or not they purhcased a monthly or yearly plan.

Aviato helped merge this data using Google Cloud Big Query and unlock the insights that helped them target website users with the actions that turned them into lasting customers.




Boutique Investment Bank

Had siloed data between a CRM system, an email marketing system, and websites. 

Aviato helped clean and normalise all customer data, setting up alets for known fraud patterns using Big Query Machine Learning to look for fraudent transactions and highlight them for review.

In addition Aviato helped merge data into customer lists alowing smart retargeting campaigns unlocking value from pre-existing marketing spend.

Aviato Consulting unlease the best of Google technology on your business problems.

Founded by ex-Google Cloud Consultant, and leaders to help you revolutionise your industry.

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