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have you been seeing all of the graphs and tables on LinkedIn comparing all of the current AI models it’s a little bit overwhelming obviously Chad gbt 4 is better than Chad gbt 3.5 but people start comparing Google Gemini and Gemma in versions Pro and Ultra and then they have 1.5 in Pro and Ultra then anthropic come on the scene with Claude 3 which also comes in three different models called Hau son Opus now I’m confused um I’m sure you’re confused and for most businesses they just want to get the best model that’s going to serve their purposes the best what we do is we deploy all of our AI on Google Cloud now Google cloud has access to the Google models Gemini The Meta models from Facebook llama it also has the anthropic models so clawed through in addition to this it has a ton of other different models that you can swap out fairly quickly so you can test and see which model is going to give you the best results for your use case and everyone’s use case is going to get better results from different models now if the models that I’ve spoken about and is about 70 or so on Google Cloud aren’t doing what you want you can go and use models from hugging face now you’ve probably never heard of hugging face hugging face is where people share models that they’ve built or train themselves or fine tuned so someone can take an open source model let’s say llama 3 from meta they can make it do something else for a specific news case and they can share it for anyone to use there’s currently 617,000 models on hugging face and we can very quickly integrate those with Google clouds of vertex AI to solve you all unique use cases if you go to hugging face and look at the models and just go to the categories you’ll be blown away there’s things in there from depth estimation super cool use case image classification video question answering audio classification tabular regression and one that I haven’t played with yet but super interesting robotic if you have a business problem and think you’d like to try and see if we can solve with AI reach out to meet aviato Consulting we happy to help you with this and using the power of Google switching out those models to get the best results for your business at the best price thanks

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Ben is the managing director and founder @ Aviato Consulting. Ben is a passionate technologist with over 17 years experience working to help transform some of the worlds largest organizations with technology, with experience working across both APAC, and EMEA in multiple industries. He is the founder of a startup with a successful exit, an Army veteran, recreational pilot, startup advisor, and board member. Ben is based in Sydney, Australia.

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