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so you’re looking to get a mobile app built and you need to hire a team of developers I’m Ben from Aviato Consulting and I’m gonna tell you why that’s not the best way to do things if you have a great app idea but lack the in house expertise you can build a development team from scratch but it’s super expensive you need a user interface designer to help your apps look good you need a front end developer to actually build the frontend of the ad and a backend developer to talk to any databases or APIs and then you’re probably gonna need a fourth person to oversee the first three by the time you hire those people I think I can have your app released maybe not fully finished but at least released for a fraction of the cost this is where we excel we’re flexible on demand development team you pay us monthly and you can cancel it anytime we’re literally developers as a service from my experience working at Google it made sense to specialise in deploying our apps on Google Cloud as well that means the app you get is powerful secure and reliable we also write all of our apps in flutter again by Google which means we write the code a single time and deploy that to web, Android and iOS cutting down the development time and cost so to summarize with us you get speed we understand the pressure launch quickly and our streamline process gets your app to market fast host effectiveness you only pays the development hours you need known as enter into long term contract and you get our Google Cloud expertise making sure the app is scalable secure and reliable

Author: benking

Ben is the managing director and founder @ Aviato Consulting. Ben is a passionate technologist with over 17 years experience working to help transform some of the worlds largest organizations with technology, with experience working across both APAC, and EMEA in multiple industries. He is the founder of a startup with a successful exit, an Army veteran, recreational pilot, startup advisor, and board member. Ben is based in Sydney, Australia.

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