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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Security Controls

  • Organization Policies: Implement guardrails and enforce consistent security configurations across your GCP organization. For example restricting the regions where resources can be created or enforcing the use of specific encryption levels.
  • VPC Service Controls: Establish a security perimeter around your GCP resources, to prevent data exfiltration. Implement granular ingress and egress rules to isolate sensitive services and mitigate data leakage risks.
  • Cloud Key Management Service (KMS): Manage encryption keys with granular access control and audit logging.
  • Cloud Armor: Defend your applications and services against DDoS attacks, web application vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), and other threats with this web application firewall (WAF). Implement custom rules and leverage preconfigured WAF rules for common vulnerabilities.
  • Binary Authorization: Ensure only trusted container images are deployed in your Kubernetes (GKE) clusters. Define and enforce policies that require images to be signed by authorized entities and meet specific security criteria.
  • Shielded VMs: Protect your virtual machines from rootkits and boot-level malware with Shielded VMs. They offer verifiable integrity through measured boot and secure boot, ensuring your VMs launch only authorized and unmodified software.
  • Confidential Computing: Leverage Confidential VMs to process data in-memory without exposing it to the underlying infrastructure or Google. This is ideal for workloads handling highly sensitive data such as financial information or healthcare records.

Designing for Security: Architecting Secure Cloud Environments

  • Zero Trust Security Model: The VPN is dying, the new way to give employees access started as an internal project at Google, but you can also adopt a Zero Trust approach, where access is granted based on the principle of least privilege and continuous verification. Leverage tools like BeyondCorp Enterprise and context-aware access controls to enforce granular access policies based on user identity, device, and location.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration management using tools like Terraform. This ensures consistent and secure deployments while reducing the risk of human error, and everything is fully auditable.
  • Security Monitoring and Logging: Implement comprehensive logging and monitoring using Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring. Set up alerts for suspicious activity and leverage tools like Chronicle, Cloud Security Command Centre, or Aviato Cloud Security Reviews to ensure you stay secure.
  • Incident Response: The often overlooked step, every organistaion realyl needs to develop and document a robust incident response plan to address security incidents effectively. This needs to include the processes for managing communication and not just technology.

Aviato: Your Partner for Advanced GCP Security

Securing your cloud environment requires a deep understanding of GCP’s security features and best practices. Aviato Consulting’s team of cloud security experts can help you navigate the complexities and implement robust security controls tailored to your specific needs and compliance requirements.

We offer advanced GCP security services, including:

  • Security Architecture Design and Review: Crafting secure cloud architectures that align with industry best practices and compliance standards.
  • Advanced Security Implementation: Deploying and configuring solutions like VPC Service Controls, Cloud KMS, Cloud HSM, Cloud Armor, and Confidential Computing.
  • Zero Trust Security Implementation: Assisting with the implementation of a Zero Trust security model using tools like BeyondCorp Enterprise and context-aware access.
  • Threat Detection and Response: Implementing and managing advanced threat detection and response solutions to identify and mitigate security threats effectively.
  • Compliance and Governance Support: Ensuring your GCP environment meets industry regulations and compliance requirements, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

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Ben is the managing director and founder @ Aviato Consulting. Ben is a passionate technologist with over 17 years experience working to help transform some of the worlds largest organizations with technology, with experience working across both APAC, and EMEA in multiple industries. He is the founder of a startup with a successful exit, an Army veteran, recreational pilot, startup advisor, and board member. Ben is based in Sydney, Australia.

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