Video Post: Nobody gives a shit about cyber security

Nobody Gives A Shit About Cyber Security Transcript nobody gives a shit about cyber security honestly nobody care I think partly it’s cause the messaging is terrible but cyber security experts tell us what to do but they don’t really explain why and what they tell us to do is hard to do it’s cumbersome and time consuming hopefully I can fix that the No. 1 thing everyone tells us to do is to enable multi factor authentication now every time you sign in having to get an SMS code or use your authenticator app to get a code slows you down it’s just annoying introducing the hardware security key so not many people speak about or use these devices I plug this into my laptop and every time I log in I simply touch it it takes a second this means that anyone trying to hack me would need my password and would need to get this now that’s not impossible hackers could come to my house and take it but we have the police for that and that’s much more difficult and time consuming than sending out a fishing email this one thing will protect you against most cyber attacks if you click the link in a fishing email they might get your password but they’re not gonna get this very very simple security effortless to employ and it doesn’t take any extra time the next one is using a password manager so everyone wants to have 1 password for everything so if you use that password for everything that’s great super simple but let’s say you use your password to book a haircut at your hairdresser and my barber’s okay with cutting hair he’s probably terrible with cybersecurity if he gets hacked the hackers are gonna have my email address and my password that’s used everywhere they’re gonna go from there directly into my email and then probably try to get into my bank using a password manager means that I have one password that unlocks my password manager and then it types all of my passwords for me so all of my passwords apart from the one that I need to remember a super complex 20 something characters streams of numbers letters and characters on my phone and my computer I have my password manager installed half the time I log into that and it types all my passwords for me so actually saves me time these two things are pretty much the main point that will stop you from getting hacked if you do want any other help especially if you want a cloud security order for your business on your cloud reach out to Aviato Consulting will happily help you with that one but try these as well this one’s called a UBQ you can Google it it costs about $100 and will save you a ton of headache thanks

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