Video Post: AI with BigQuery and SQL

Stop waiting to unlock the power of AI! 🤯 You already know SQL… and that’s ALL you need. Transcript if you have a lot of data stored on  Google Cloud for analytics it’s probably  going to be stored in B query now  everyone’s trying to do Ai and their  training models using pre-existing  models spending a lot of money on data  scientists but I’ve got some great news  if you’re using be query be query has be  query ml built into it this lets you run  AI against your B query data set by  using SQL now SQL is the language used  by all the people doing queries or  database administrators now it’s very  simple to use and you probably already  have the skills so you don’t need to go  and hire expensive data scientists and  AI Engineers to gather insights from  your data I’m going to break down some  of the models that are built into B cre  ml to see if these are going to solve  business problems for you first one is  linear regression this is predicting how  much you’ll sell based on past data so  if you’re planning stock Staffing trying  to run promotions more accurately this  is for you it’s built- in can be run  with sequel the next one is logistic  regression this is sorting things into  categories so let’s say you want to sort  customers into categories um to see  whether they’re going to buy from you  again um or if products are faulty  putting them into categories saying  these products are likely going to be  faulty so you can see the use cases for  business the next one is K means  clustering this finds hidden groups  within your customer base so you can  Target marketing campaigns towards them  the next Matrix factorization suggesting  which customers might be likely to buy  an it this is kind of what you’ll see  when you get predictive things on  websites saying and you might also like  to buy X I think we’re up to the fifth  one PCA or principal component analysis  this is simplifying complex data to find  the most important pattern helping you  spot Trends and make more informed  decisions the last one I’ve got is time  series so predicting future sales based  on past data helping you predict demand  and make sure you have enough stock  based on things that have happened in  the past so all of these models are  already build into big query ml as I  said and can be accessed using SQL  queries which you likely already have  the skills for in your organization to  enabling your organization to make AI  enabled decisions without spending an  absolute Fortune if you want help with  any of this Reach Out aviat Consulting  can help you thanks   – Generated with

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